Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekly Communication

I struggle with this one. I always have the greatest of intentions, design cute little forms, and then fall off the wagon somewhere around Christmas.  My school requires a weekly folder for communication because we have a large number of families without internet access.  I need a quick and easy form that I can use to track behavior and work habits as well as document that parents have seen the communication.
So next year, I'm going to use this sheet.  It doesn't have any cute graphics on it (sorry!) but you are welcome to my form and you are certainly welcome to take it and change it to meet your needs.  I'm afraid that if I start collecting fonts and clipart, there may be no stopping the addiction!
One thing I do on my parent communication sheets is to highlight when the paper comes back unsigned.  This way I know parents took the work out of the folder and should have seen the communication.  This method has saved me in more than one parent teacher conference as Timmy's mother sat there saying she never knew his grades were slipping.  It's not a perfect system, but it helps.  Anyway, here you go!

                                                                 Weekly Communication

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  1. Now why did that happen? Oh my goodness. I love and hate technology at the same time!