Monday, July 11, 2011

Be A Guitar Hero

So, it's no secret by now that my school is doing a rock-n-roll theme.  To go along with that, I'm using "Be A Guitar Hero" as the header for my behavior board.  I use a clip chart system in my classroom and I've always had a way for children to move "up" the board and be recognized for going above and beyond normal good behavior.  I thought I was doing a good job, but then I read this fantastic eBook about clip charts and it got my little teacher heart to going pitter-patter!  If you would like to read this fantastic eBook (for free), just click here!
Clip Chart eBook

Forgive me if I start to ramble a bit, but I'm using this blog as my brainstorming session, and I'm hoping to receive lots of comments and ideas on this post....don't fail me now readers!  Ok, I'm not going to use all of these sections on the clip chart, but I am using most of them.  I re-colored my areas to resemble the keys on the guitar from Guitar Hero and I found a similar font used in the game to type my headings. Take a second and scroll through the pictures and then I'll tell you my ideas!
Part of the title-this area will be used for the "top of the chart" kids!

Positive Reinforcement areas
All students begin each day in this area
Warning and Consequence Zones
Now, you're getting an idea of my plan.  I really want to work on rewarding positive behavior in my classroom.  I'm thinking that when students move keep their clips on "Great Job" 5 or so times, that I'll take back their plain clip and give them a red one to use, then they can work on earning "Outstanding" 5 or so times and I'll trade their red clip for a green one.  Making sense?  For those little over-achievers (I'm thinking of a certain blonde-headed boy), they can keep going and work to moving their clip up to "Guitar Hero" and they'll get to bedazzle their clip 5 or so times.
I'm even toying with the idea of taking their picture and posting it on a Billboard's Top 25 Hits chart or something!  Maybe standing there holding their bedazzled clip.  Then, students can work to be "off the chart" and I'll take their clips and place them on my sparkly little lanyard.  I just really want the emphasis to be on the positivity.  Good with you guys?  Too much?  I need feedback.  If I'm going for this, then I have to spray paint a lot of wooden clothespins this summer (and maybe buy some more stick-on jewels~ that little blonde headed boy is being raised by a "sparkly momma"!)

Now for the "Think About It" area....ick.  I'm viewing this as my warning zone from last year.  I always tell my kiddos that the warning zone does not mean trouble, it just means you need to think about your behavior and make a choice.  We all have off moments.  If children fix the choice, then their clip goes back up.  Now, I've always used a painted yardstick before and I have these icons from Boardmaker attached with velcro.  Children move their clip to a specific spot identifying the behavior I need fixed.  So I have icons for "listening", "quiet", "hands to self", "work", etc. Should I add these icons again to the blue area?  Your thoughts?

My favorite, no most intriguing, part to this clip system is the "Teacher's Choice" zone.  This is a gray area.  Now, I always conference with my babies when they hit the warning zone, so they'll know what's coming if they choose to not improve their behavior, but this gives me some flexibility in how I respond.  I like this.  Fair doesn't always mean equal.  Some children just need the "look"...some need a note...some need a whipping (just kidding), but seriously, I want to be able to respond to each child individually in the way that suits their emotional needs.  Too gray?  Just right?  Your thoughts......please!  I need feedback on this one!

Oh yeah, should I add all this to black posterboard and put the "Guitar Hero" on a headstock so it looks more like a guitar?

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  1. yes, Yes and YES! You are doing great! I love the idea and now I am going to do one too! Not as cool as your Guitar Hero themed one though! I know a certain blonde haired boy with a sparkly momma who will have his clip blinged to the MAX!

    I like the idea of adding the black poster board and headstock. It will look more official. The Teacher's Choice area IS hard but that is where we, as professionals, do what is needed for each particular child. Leaving it vague gives us the power to treat each occurrence individually and even conference with each student before using the system and decide together what "Teacher's Choice" means for them.

    Good job Cari! Glad to be your neighbor this year!