Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jigsaw Cooperative Activity

I have never used the jigsaw strategy, but after hearing about so many others having success with this activity, I think I'll give it a "go" next year. I love to have my students work in cooperative groups.  Talking grows dendrites!  I love to have my students teach and problem-solve with each other, but I've never had them switch groups during the same activity.  Now, we will jigsaw next year!

I will pass out the jigsaw cards and call a group based on shape, letter, color, etc.  Students will get into their respective groups and begin the discussion/activity.  If and when I want them to regroup, I'll call out a new sorting rule and the students can look at their cards and find their new groups.  I wanted to add more detail to the cards, but MS Office wasn't cooperating well with me this morning.  I left a few blank cards at the end, so you can make your own cards if you'd like!  I made a set of 22 jigsaw cards and you are welcome to them!  Click here for the jigsaw cards!

Jigsaw Cards

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